Physiotherapists treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident, repetitive strain, aging and arthritic changes. Physiotherapists use a combination of education, exercise therapy, manual therapy and modalities to treat patients.

Physiotherapists are educated through accredited University programs. They are regulated Health Professionals with an advanced understanding of body mechanics.

Our physiotherapists treat and provide:

Pre and post rehabilitation from surgery

Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Joint stiffness, pain or loss of range of motion

Sports injuries care and prevention

Geriatric physical therapy

Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation

Muscle strains and spasms

Back and neck pain

Balance and gait issues

Orthotics and foot wear prescription

Custom made braces and other therapeutic devices

Neurological conditions

Postural assessment and correction

Compression stockings

Arthritis and DDD (cervical and lumbar traction)

Laser Therapy (pain management)

Chronic pain

Exercise Prescription

Home assessments

Modalities (Ultrasound, IFC, EMS, TENS)