Compression Stockings

Medical compression stockings
Always one step ahead

Venotrain compression stockings have been manufactured at one of the most modern productions facilities in the world, and they are the best treatment option for the mild to most severe venous disorders and lymphoedema.

We guarantee that the products will provide reliable treatment and first class wearing comfort thanks to the use of high-tech materials and perfected manufacturing processes.

The excellent tolerability of VenoTrain micro balance- the world’s first compression stocking with an integrated skin care component – and its positive effect on the skin have been established beyond a doubt.

Venotrain Micro

The fashionable compression stocking that makes you feel good.

The compression stockings are made out of a fine fabric that has a high microfiber content. In addition to its attractive appearance, this compression stocking guarantees first class wearing comfort. The micro comfort effect ensures that the skin only comes in contact with microfibers.

First class Wearing comfort


Approximately 50% microfiber


Anti-bacterial comfort sole


Figure-accentuating trunk section


Opqgue full-fashioned stocking quality




Fashionable colors