Mental health concerns are on the rise now more than ever!

Most of us can agree that it has been challenging adapting to the new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues. In addition to managing the constant fear and worry of contracting the virus, it can be particularly difficult for people with mental health conditions.

Fortunately there are many different tools that we can do to support our mental health.

One tool you can implement is to do a mental health check-in. I encourage you to take 5 minutes each day to ask yourself the 8 questions below. These are 8 essential elements that nurture positive mental-emotional well-being. Ideally you want to be answering ‘Yes’ to all of these questions.

The 5 minute Mental Health Check-in:

  1. Have I eaten regular meals?
  2. Have I spent time outside in nature?
  3. Am I sleeping enough?
  4. Have I moved my body?
  5. Have I connected with someone I care about?
  6. Have I avoided comparing myself to others?
  7. Have I been thinking kind thoughts to myself?
  8. Have I done something that brings me joy?

We are here to provide further guidance and support as you navigate through this new reality.  Feel free to schedule a complimentary 15 min consult to discuss how Naturopathic Medicine can support your mental emotional wellbeing during this challenging time.

by Dr. Danielle Diva, ND